Fleur Rossdale is relaunching The British Interior Design Exhibition as the International Interior Design Exhibition, the IIDE, from 17 - 25 November 2018. This first IIDE is held in Belgium, a country with a rich history of art and interior design and the creation of Art Nouveau. Belgium's craft and design scene continues to be world-leading, making it an excellent host country for this important cultural event, which hopes to continue annually at Hotel de la Poste.

IIDE emphasises the creative union between the Benelux and Great Britain with enormous design talent both sides of the channel. Carefully curated interior designers bring together their chosen fabrics, rugs, flooring, galleries, artists, artisans and lighting designers, showcasing an exciting dynamic of cross-fertilisation and collaboration between international design talent.  As a result, the event promises visual stimulation and inspiration in diverse design styles, featuring high-quality workmanship contributed by associated suppliers and trades. 

Individual projects can be discussed with the designers in an informal atmosphere or the rooms simply enjoyed, with all items on display available for sale or to order. 




by fleur rossdale


The original British Interior Design Exhibition debuted in London in 1982. In hindsight, the 80s became known as the 'designer decade,' but in those early years the capital was a very different place. The city was tired and run-down, with slow economic growth and a distinct lack of investment. Public buildings were blackened with pollution and the great regeneration plans that transformed the city's docklands and vanished industry had yet to start. Yet there were green shoots. The iconic interiors publication The World of Interiors made its debut into a market starved of design publications and I was excited to establish the BIDE as Europe's first high end public interior design exhibition. My concept was to invite interior designers to showcase soft furnishings, lighting, works of art and fine furniture in perfectly curated settings. The exhibition inspired visitors to either purchase at the show or engage the designers directly.  

In today’s highly charged design landscape, it is hard to believe that interior design barely existed as a discipline in the early '80s. I like to feel that the exhibitions I staged helped change perceptions, visitors realising that working with professionals saved both time and costs.  The enthusiasm for the home environment generated during the time of these London exhibitions reached a wide and highly receptive audience.  BIDE brought exhibitors multiple projects from private clients, hoteliers, retail stores and developers, show-flats and renovations to sell property at premium prices heavily backed by the leading estate agents.

The pioneering mix of design with fine art over the 15 year span of the exhibitions helped fuel the return to the quality of design that had arrived in London from the US with the establishment of Colefax & Fowler.  BIDE forged this established relationship between interior designers and fine art, investment and aesthetics going hand in hand.  

With attendance of 30,000 visitors and phenomenal international press coverage, the interior design industry began to boom. Great Britain was acknowledged for good taste and style. Early exhibitors included David Hicks, Mary Fox Linton, Colefax & Fowler and John Pawson, with overseas guests including Parish Hadley from the USA and Garouste & Bonetti from France.  

I am very happy to be staging IIDE in Brussels, a city I have come to love.  I hope that visitors from further afield will venture over to IIDE and enjoy the cultural experience of this great capital city.



Founder of MASTERPIECE, Royal Hospital, Chelsea: 

“Fleur is a legend in the design world.”



Renowned International Designer, London: 

"Fleur is a consummate professional and it was a pleasure to work with someone who clearly loves what she does, and excels at it. I would very much recommend the exhibition to other designers for the wealth of opportunities it presents.'



Renowned International Minimalist Architect, London:

“I was part of Fleur’s British Interior Design Exhibition in London in the 1980s. The strength of Fleur’s vision defined the event and made participation a real pleasure for me...”

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