Interior lifestyle for dressing.

After graduating from the Antwerp Academy in 1996, Jessie Lecomte honed her skills, working with Belgium’s top fashion houses before starting her own label in 2007. In collaboration with iide, ‘Grace of a Birds Wing’, the name of her collection, was formulated as a feminine dressing room with attitude. Carefully curated to emphasise the crossover between fashion and interior design, the room reflects colour and content; a room of intimacy. Jessie’s designs frame a woman’s body with the artful subtly of a Japanese Kimono, the feminine silhouette accentuated by her tailored sophisticated geometry. The pure forms of her clothes are enhanced by fastidious stitching, giving shape and movement. Pleats, tucks and twists emphasise the sharp and the edgy, producing tension and the unexpected.

Taking inspiration from contemporary art, ethnographic photography and pop culture, Jessie’s vision is marked by stylish originality. Selecting textiles from the finest spun cashmere to stiff Japanese silks, often with layers of embroidery, print or beadwork, gives her collection an extraordinary quality. The boudoir, set in the context of fashion as art within an interior space, leads the visitor to understand the luxury of spending time in a designated room in which to select the perfect outfit to meet with the occasion.